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SIV Software-Architektur & Technologie GmbH was founded in 2006 as the subsidiary of SIV.AG which today is one of the leading complete solutions providers for the German and international energy and water sector. More than 300 public and privately-run utility companies throughout Germany trust the web-based ERP-solution kVASy, which can be expanded flexibly. Users of the application include institutions such as municipal utilities, special purpose associations, power brokers, transmission system operators, multi-service specialists, data processing centres and regional providers of all scales within Germany and in foreign countries – with well more than a million meters.

Firmenzentrale SIV.AG

Image 1: Head office of SIV.AG in Roggentin in Rostock

Based on the technologies of the world market leaders Oracle and IBM, kVASy is one of the most innovative and business-focused industry solutions available. It fully shows all business processes that modern utility companies have – with the highest level of automation and process integration.

The SIV.AG Group’s portfolio of solutions includes a wide range of services, including everything from software development, consultancy for strategic management and organisation, project management, IT security certifications, and an array of training courses from SIV.AG I ACADEMY to providing innovative Cloud Services and tailor-made infrastructure and processing services.


Image 2: At a glance: The kVASy portfolio

SIV AG has been a success story since it was founded almost 25 years ago. Now 405 employees work here, a large majority of which are based at the head office in Roggentin in Rostock. Additionally, the company, which is also internationally established, operates the subsidiaries SIV Software-Architektur & Technologie GmbH, SIV Utility Services GmbH and SIV Bulgaria EOOD. In 2013, SIV.AG generated turnover of 33 million Euros.



When 30 year old Jörg Sinnig founded „SIV Service für Informationsverarbeitung“ in 1990, it was not initially clear that the company would make 27.7m Euros in turnover, as in 2010. The graduate naval architect was, however, also not interested in large sums of money. He just wanted corporate freedom which he had missed during his employment as a designer and programmer. After political reunification of East and West Germany, training sessions were initially made available in an improvised computer centre. Jörg Sinnig specialised in selling commercial software solutions for small and medium-size companies.

In 1992, the first screen templates of a commercial information system for the utility industry had already appeared. From then on, the focus was on the energy and water sector. In 1993, the company developed the Allgemeine Betriebliche Informationssystem, ABI for short, which was based on the relational Oracle database system, into a marketable product. In the same year and with the water and waste water association Seelow, the SIV also acquired its first customers from the supply and disposal sector In the year 2000, the company moved into its newly constructed company building in Roggentin at Rostock and changed itself to a public limited company (AG). Four years later, the new product generation kVASy 4 was introduced as a web-enabled industry solution consisting of the four cornerstones Billing, Finance, Technical Assets and CRM.

In 2012 the new product generation kVASy 5 was introduced. Thus the company was able to achieve a smooth and also long-term transition with its customers into service oriented architecture (SOA). In 2013, the first successfully implemented projects to introduce the new process-oriented Generation kVASy 5 were then launched, the benefits of which could be experienced not least in the new industry cloud. More and more international users are joining the growing German customer base. These are from Algeria, Bulgaria, Macedonia or the Russian Federation. At the same time, SIV AG works closely with partners which are organised in networks.



In 2006, SIV Software-Architektur & Technologie GmbH was founded, focusing on software architecture, technology, development environment and basic technology. As a specialist for future-oriented system architecture along with software and technology solutions in the JEE and Oracle environments, SIV A&T focuses on model-driven software development for the new product generation kVASy 5 and providing powerful tools for the simple and efficient administration of Oracle databases.

Furthermore, the subsidiary SIV.BG was founded with the focus being on software architecture, technology, development environment and basic technology. More than 2.85m customers were provided with customer service in a project with E.ON Bulgaria.

UTIPS GmbH, the third subsidiary, was founded in 2008. The focus here is BPO services based around utility industry processes. In 2012, the company was renamed SIV Utility Services GmbH.


Image 3: Overview of the SIV.AG Group



As a complete service provider, SIV.AG works together with powerful international partners. Thanks to success-oriented work with selected sales, software and technology infrastructure partners, successful industry trends have been picked up on and the service and product portfolio has been continuously improved.

SIV.AG has had a close, strategic partnership with the Oracle Corporation for over 20 years. The software solution kVASy is based on innovative analysis, design and development technologies from the world market leader and SIV.AG customers sustainably profit from their flexibility, performance and process orientation. As a platinum partner, SIV AG offers its users the option to share in the Oracle Corporation’s attractive licence models (Embedded Software Licensing) and technological developments. In 2010, the SIV received the ISV Partner of the Year award in San Francisco – a worldwide once in a lifetime honour. Further partners for international projects are large companies like E.ON, EVN or GELSENWASSER.

 YouTube-Video: Jörg Sinnig: SIV AG is Oracle EMEA ISV Partner of the year

Company culture

The self-financed organic company growth over many years has not happened by chance, but rather Jörg Sinnig can primarily put this development down to the commitment and team spirit of his employees. At the same time, the topic of „reconciling work and family life“ is a central issue. Therefore, the company pays all nursery costs for every employee after they have successfully completed their probationary period. If needed, employees can also take advantage of flexitime, shorter working days or even working from home in order to help further with the demands of family life.

Career and training

SIV.AG offers training in the following professional fields:

  • Industrial administrator
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • IT specialist for application development
  • Office administrator for office management

SIV.AG also offers the option to compete a dual course of study:

  • Business Information Technology (B.Sc.)
  • Information Technology (B.Sc.)

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