Tool supplier for the software company

We are the tool supplier for software development We have grown in SIV.AG with this task and have been active as a 100% subsidiary of SIV.AG since 2006.

Today we provide the technology base (Oracle database, Oracle Weblogic Server, Oracle Forms/Reports, Oracle Fusion middleware) along with the development environment kVASyClipse for software development of kVASy to SIV.AG. Along with the Oracle technology, our focus is on model-driven software development with Java.

Along with this, we have developed quasiAdmin for the administration of the technology base which we are delighted to offer to other Oracle partners and also administrators.

quasiAdmin administrates the Oracle database (quasiAdmin/DBA) along with the Oracle-Fusion middleware (quasiAdmin/MWA) for an application. Normally more than one instance exists in the application – the individual instances share the parts of the infrastructure. By putting the application at the centre of all activities, quasiAdmin supports the application administrator who should administrate the Oracle technology base „on the side“. Especially in the context of Oracle’s Embedded Licence (ESL), quasiAdmin is an opportunity for software manufacturers (ISV).