quasiAdmin/DBA – Easily administrate Oracle Fusion middleware

We ensure Oracle middleware can also be used by the application administrator (semi-professional administrator); routine tasks are completed efficiently and safely.

quasiAdmin/MWA is an intrinsic part of quasiAdmin, however it can be used separately.

Oracle products and quasiMWA functions

Weblogic Server (WLS)

  • Monitoring the server
  • Start/Stop of server
  • Administrate applications (installation, start, stop)
  • Overview and editing of server settings
quasiAdmin/MWA-Weblogic Domains

quasiAdmin/MWA-Weblogic Domains

Weblogic Server (OHS)

  • Basic settings, aliases, virtual hosts, port configuration
  • WLS configuration
  • Processing errors and access protocols
quasiAdmin/MWA - OHS Konfiguration

quasiAdmin/MWA – OHS Konfiguration


  • Overview of forms sessions and reports jobs
  • Customisation of the web configurations forms and the environments form
  • Start and stop the reports server
  • Configuration of the reports server and the environments
  • Customisation of font mappings



  • Overview of the partitions up to the composite instances
  • Drill-in in a composite instance
  • Deployment of composites


Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (OSB)

  • Overview of the installed projects
  • Display of resources which are assigned to the projects with configuration details and process settings