quasiAdmin/DBA – Easily administrate the Oracle database

quasiAdmin/DBA allows the Oracle database to also be used by the application administrator (semi-professional administrator); routine tasks are completed efficiently and safely.

quasiAdmin/DBA is an intrinsic part of quasiAdmin, however it can be used separately.

quasiAdmin/DBA Dashboard

We have used our many years of experience from support in the development of quasiAdmin/DBA so that the administrator (DBA) does not need to deal with numerous options and individual process steps. In this respect, quasiAdmin/DBA does not provide an alternative to the Oracle database console or comparable tools which make all the options implemented in RDBMS available.

Additionally, the integrated Configurator helps the administrator by the fact that standard parameterisation required on the part of the application can be simply and reliably monitored and implemented.


Monitoring database sessions, log files and operating system statistics connected to standard administration tasks like administrating user and tablespaces – i.e. the daily tools in the operation of an Oracle database are available here.

Backup and restoration of the database using RMAN including monitoring of the finished backup jobs and the backups available are essential requirements for reliable operation and are implemented in a user-friendly way in quasiAdmin/DBA.

The correct implementation of the schema objects of an application – including the optimizer statistics – is an essential issue in operation. Numerous functions for schema maintenance implement best practice and operational experiences according to the principle „Problem?“ for this purpose. One click = solution“. It is exactly here that one of the benefits of quasiAdmin/DBA in the operation of an application can be seen as these tasks usually have to be divided into different scripts or manually completed, which is time-consuming.

An essential requirement for stable operation of a database is the maintenance of its configuration (initialisation parameters, access rights etc.) To check and, if needed, correct these is time-consuming – the configurator reads the specifications for configuration, which are dependent on the version, from one file, displays the differences and also of course cleans them up.

quasiAdmin/DBA Statistik Optionen

quasiAdmin/DBA displays the configured standby database with its status and also shows the transfer and application of the redo logs onto the standby site in a clear way. You can also implement the switchover here.

quasiAdmin/DBA Data Guard

You can find further, more detailed information on quasiAdmin/DBA in our blog at  Blog quasiDBA .