On this page you can download the current program version of quasiAdmin.

If you are using an embedded version of quasiAdmin (or quasiDBA)(i.e. one labelled for our partners, such as e.g. kVASyAdmin), please obtain the current version which matches the version of your business application from your partner.

To use the products you need a valid licence. To evaluate our products you can request a non-binding Demo licence.

quasiAdmin is available for Windows and Linux; we currently only support operation in a 32bit-JVM. For the operation of quasiAdmin in Windows, a suitable Java version is automatically also installed in the quasiAdmin directory; in Linux a JRE 8 (32bit) or higher must be installed.

Note for Linux users: quasiAdmin must be unpacked from the archive. You can find the start script in the program’s root directory Please set the execute rights here and customise the path to your Java installation if needed.