Oracle qAdmin

quasiAdmin short & to the point:

Oracle database
Oracle Fusion Middleware
At a glance or a click
get routine work done easily
Detect and fix errors

Application administrators are (often) not Oracle administrators but should be able to effectively deal with the complex technology stack (database, middleware.)

Oracle administrators are often forced to complete soul-destroying „click through“ tasks or generate and maintain scripts.

The answer to this problem – quasiAdmin!

quasiAdmin consists of the modules quasiAdmin/DBA (quasiDBA) for database administration and quasiAdmin/MWA (quasiMWA) for the Oracle middleware. With this, all the technology components of an application are concentrated in one tool. This is supplemented by the option of installing software components in all layers or completing maintenance tasks (Quicktasks) for all technology components at a central location.

intuitive user interface
Complete routine tasks efficiently
Show problems – solve with a click
Administration without expert knowledge
Best practice solutions from application support


Normally more than one instance exists in the application – the individual instances share the parts of the infrastructure. While quasiAdmin puts the application at the centre of all activities, it supports the application administrator who should also administrate the Oracle technology base „on the side.“


quasiAdmin is made up of modules so that the components quasiAdmin/DBA or quasiAdmin/MWA can replace the previous products quasiDBA or quasiMWA; existing licences accordingly continue to be valid. It is also possible to licence quasiAdmin so that only selected functional areas are available.

Efficiency through Quicktasks

With quasiAdmin, the current statuses of a production environment can be queried and displayed via the Dashboards. quasiAdmin has the option to integrate Quicktasks in order to be able to quickly react to particular circumstances or carry out recurring tasks. Examples for application scenarios like this are:

  • Deleting temporary folders and log folders
  • Adjustment of parameters (tablespace, heapsize, …)
  • Starting and stopping one or several servers
  • Sharing applications on several servers

A Quicktask contains the execution of one or several work stages on a server. Both preset functions and scripts can be used in this process.

Installation of standards (customization of the report fonts handling in Linux)


Who can benefit?

quasiAdmin is not an alternative to Oracle Enterprise Manager, Grid Control or similar administration tools. These are universal tools which provide all possible features and options to solve all possible tasks. However, this means unnecessary complexity, risk and trouble for the application user – quasiAdmin creates efficiency by concentrating on the essentials and predefined standard solutions.

The familiar Oracle tools cannot be used by the end customer in the context of the Oracle Embedded Software License (ESL). quasiAdmin transforms this restriction into a benefit, as the reduction of available options to the necessary minimum leads to more efficiency in administration. quasiAdmin can, however, also provide an advantage for software manufacturers who rely on Oracle even without the ESL restrictions. quasiAdmin is delivered and branded as part of the partner solution – to find out more, visit Offer for Oracle partners.


quasiAdmin supports database versions11.2.x and 12.1.x as well as the current FMW Version 11g; the 12c support for FMW is in progress.

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